Durable Mobility within a Circular Economy

Upcycle Your Car

UPWEGO believes that ecological and durable mobility should be an affordable service where everybody can participate in. This kind of mobility should be available for everybody, anywhere, anyplace at anytime.

With the use of global networks and entering into partnerships with innovative companies and talented professionals, UPWEGO provides an affordable, ecological and durable solution - for pollution caused by mobility needs of people - available for all. 

UPWEGO is the first that combines four major trends of the 21th century in the optimum way:

  1. Transforming – UP: Provides free of charge transformation from petrol to electric cars, when –
  2. Renting – WE: car owners offer their transformed car for rent on a mobile platform.
  3. Self-Driving – GO: (In near future) make transformed cars self-driving and create autonomous mobility systems.
  4. 3D-Printing – MOD: (In near future) modify transformed cars based on requirements of the owner with 3D-Printing.
UPWEGO - UP: Transforming - WE: Renting - GO: Self-Driving - MOD: 3d-Printing

Transform Your Petrol Car to Electric

Upcycle Your Car into the Future

Transform your petrol car into an electric car by using our UPWEGO services. No matter if you pay yourself or let us finance the process. You will drive a state-of-the-art car with all benefits and low costs.

What is Upcycling?

Generally, upcycling is what people who care about the planet do these days; converting old materials into something new, because it is apparent that its quality is still of value. The process of creating something new from a used item which lost its original objective.

Recycling vs. Upcycling

When materials are recycled, their individual parts are broken down to raw materials to create something new. With risking the inference that the quality of the to be produced product is lower. Upcycling means that the original product is mostly reused and improved where needed. Usage could also be redefined, but most original parts remain the same or are used in a different – modern – way. UPWEGO brings this into the car industry. We take the old petrol powered engines out and place electric power into your car. Powered with digital energy – ready for autonomous driving – and many other possibilities which your (old) car did not have before. More power – more fun.

Sharing E-Mobility

Get Ready for the Future of Mobility

With the use of a mobile app, we aim to create a homogeneous mobility system. Via this app, UPWEGO offers transformed cars in a renting pool to recoup UPWEGO’s “transformation investment” for the transformation of your upcycled car. After the transformation investment is recouped, the car owner is not obligated to offer his car for rent in UPWEGO’s app, but earns money when they do. Additionally, if a car owner chooses to have advertisements on his car, the transformation investment can be recouped earlier as they will increase their revenue per driven kilometer. UPWEGO’s car sharing system is the latest innovation in a sharing economy: only winners.

Parking Included

In collaboration with municipalities we offer several parking spaces, distributed throughout a city - free of charge. 

Boost Your eGO

It pays off to help the community and thereby taking the environment into account. You'll be surprised how respectful and grateful renters will be.

Let Your Car Work for You

On average millions of cars in the Europe are being parked 96% of the time. UPWEGO let your car earn money when you are not using it.

Unlock. Explore. Share.

Whether you are running errands, taking a daytrip outside the city limits or exploring all the city offers, the UPWEGO community shares upcycled cars in UPWEGO’s homogeneous mobility system.

Want a First Free Rent from UPWEGO?

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Self-Driving Car

Let Your Car Make the Way

When the regulations for autonomous driving are implemented, UPWEGO will be there to upcycle your car – to the next stage – by making your transformed car autonomous. UPWEGO offers standard sets of soft- and hardware which we build – with our partners – that will fit on every car.

Why Own a (Self-Driving) Car?

You should own exclusive access to the latest form of mobility and let your car work for you. Join the UPWEGO community, offer your self-driving car for rent in UPWEGO’s homogeneous mobility system, so you provide everyone access to mobility and make the roads a safer place.

Increase Efficiency

It is more efficiently when a computer drives a car for you. A computer knows exactly what the fastest routes are and in what speed it should drive for optimum energy usage.

Removal of Driving Stipulations

Older, disabled and intoxicated drivers can still have access to a car. “Drunk driving” is possible again, at least when your car is driving.

Reduced Vehicle Insurance

With fewer car crashes, insurance will be extremely cheaper. Humans are responsible for 93% of all crashes.

Increase Your Productivity

Yearly, we spend more than 100 hours in traffic jams wasting our time. When a computer drives for you, you do not have to pay attention on the road.

Reduction of Car Parking Space

Acting like a taxi, users can call their car with a smartphone.

Print your Car

Let your car follow your mood.

3D printing is the keyword for the future of car design. Imagine clicking our UPWEGO online-shop to design a car based on your dreams and desires and have a giant printer build 3D printed car parts it on the spot? That’s fascinating, but still in the future. However, the fully 3D printed car is already a reality.

Parts can be assembled in a matter of minutes

In the future, when your car breaks down or you want an upgrade, you’ll be able to print a new one in less than two days with us.

The seats, body, chassis, dash, centre console and hood will all be 3D printed - with mega cool designs and ideas. From the USER for the USER.

If you are interested or want to contribute in our view of mobility, provide us your name and email address. We will send you our information package.